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Ouida Plantation

What you will find:
Situated high in the Tunica hills, Ouida Plantation provides an opportunity to visit a ridge/ravine beech magnolia habitat. Birding will focus on upland woodland species. In addition to the beech/magnolia forests, Ouida includes gardens devoted to native plants. The first part of the tour will be easy walking and birding on maintained grounds near the house. Visitors can then elect to hike into the ravines on the property, or remain near the home. The diverse habitat is host to a wide variety of wildlife.

Difficulty: Easy and/or moderate

Times: Saturday starting at 8:00am - every 45 minutes to an hour.

Cost: $20 Saturday Pass or $30 Three day Festival Pass

Transportation: Provided by the festival and is required as there is no public parking at this birding site.

Summary Description:
Ouida Plantation is a fine example of an Acadian style country plantation home. Expanded to its current size in 1869, it is believed that the original house, consisting of the front two rooms, dates from the 1840s.

Abandoned for much of the 20th century, Ouida was restored in 1998 and purchased by the current owners David and Tracey Banowetz in 2000. Interesting aspects of the restoration include original paint in the parlor, retention of the original tongue-in-groove cypress walls, and original cypress flooring. The property also includes a small family cemetery.

Ouida sits on the top of a high ridge line, surrounded by rugged ravines, beech-magnolia woodlands and small open fields. Birders who visit Ouida may chose to either hike the ravines or tour the gardens surrounding the home which have been planted with an abundance of native plants and perennials attractive to birds and butterflies.

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